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Chau Nguyen was the real estate agent that sold my home and I couldn’t be more happy with the experience. Prior to market, she met me at my home to discuss the details and review the sale process. She was well prepared with lots of documentation including the statistical data of sold homes in the area where my sale could potentially fall. I was apprehensive moving forward based on those numbers, and so in subsequent weeks we met at various local open houses to discuss similarities and differences of homes their locations and impact on the sale price. It turned out that the marketed price produced quite a few bids and she expertly guided me through the subsequent process of deciding how to follow up. 

It became apparent that I needed to decrease the number household items to move. Chau volunteered to help sell these items, and since I worked full time I said yes! She posted items on Craigslist, fielded contacts, and arranged for sale. I literally had no time and it was so very helpful! 

Chau did a fantastic job managing the details in the final stretch prior to open house. She send reminders for me to follow up on tasks. There were some projects that I didn’t think would get finished. I manage projects and had to let this one go. Glad I did because she got it done and in time as promised. 

I highly recommend contracting Chau Nguyen with Keller Williams Real Estate. I’m very happy with the process.

Lisa Williams

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